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YuGiOh Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel
Bandit Keith
Get a record with five more wins than losses with the following: Yugi Moto, Tea Gardener, Joey Wheeler, Bakura Ryou, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu Ishtar, Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Solomon Moto, Mai Valentine, Espa Roba, Mako Tsunami, Mokuba Kaiba, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Odion, Umbra and Lumis, Arkana, Marik Ishtar, and Shadi.

Duke Devlin
Defeat the following characters at least one time: Yugi Moto, Tea, Joey, Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu, Rex, Weevil, Solomon, Mai, Espa Roba, Mako, Mokuba, Bandit Keith, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Odion, Umbra & Lumis, Arkana, Marik, and Shadi.

Mokuba Kaiba
Lose a total of ten times.

Maximillion Pegausus
Get the Toon World magic card.

Shadi, Odion, And The Rare Hunters
Complete the Phantom Pyramid.

Gameshark / Action replay

Code: 28861
All Cards in Trunk

74000130 03FA
42011C2C 0003
0000043A 0004
74000130 02FB
42013CE6 0000
00000004 0002
74000130 02FB
42013C28 0000
0000005F 0002

Note: Go to the World Map and Hold Select then press R, now in the Deck Menu continue to Hold Select and press A. This code will remove all cards from Main, Fusion and Side Decks.

YuGiOh The Eternal Duelist Soul

Card packs
After you defeat someone at dueling you can choose a pack you want.

Exodia Card passwords:

Exodia Pieces:33396948, 44519536, 07902349, 08124921, 70903634, 08058240
Put all cards of Exodia to get Sealed Exodia with unlimited Attack And Defense

YuGiOh Duel Monsters 7

Card passwords

Card                                Password
Armored Lizard                      15480588
Baby Dragon                         88819587
Basic Insect                        89091579
Battle Ox                           05053103
Battle Steer                        18246479
Beaver Warrior                      32452818
Big Insect                          53606874
Black Meteor Dragon                 90660762 
Black Skull Dragon                  11901678 
Blackland Fire Dragon               87564352
Blue Eyes White Dragon              89631139
Blues Eyes Ultimate Dragon          23995346
Celtic Guardian                     91152256
Curse of Dragon                     28279543
Dark Magician                       46986414
Dragon Piper                        55763552
Exodia Of Forbidden                 33396948
Faceless Mage                       28546905
Feral Imp                           41392891
Flame Swordsman                     45231177
Gaia The Dragon Ch                  66889139
Gaia The Fierce Knight              06368038
Gate Guardian                       25833572 
Giant Flea                          41762634
Gokibore                            15367030
Great Moth                          14141448
Great White                         13429800
Griffore                            53829412
Harpie Lady                         76812113
Hercules Beetle                     52584282
Hitotsu-Me Giant                    76184692
Horn Imp                            69669405
Judge Man                           30113682
Karbonala Warrior                   54541900
Killer Needle                       88979991
Koumori Dragon                      67724379
Kuriboh                             40640057
Larvae Moth                         87756343
Left Arm Of Forbidden               07902349
Left Leg Of Forbidden               44519536
Mammoth Graveyard                   40374923
Millennium Golem                    47986555 
Mountain Warrior                    04931562
Mushroom Man                        14181608
Mystical Elf                        15025844
Oscillo Hero #2                     27324313
Perfectly Ultimate                  48579379 
Red-Eyes Black Dragon               74677422
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon         64335804
Right Arm Of Forbidden              70903634
Right Leg Of Forbidden              08124921
Rock Ogre Grotto #1                 68846917
Rogue Doll                          91939608
Ryu-Kishin                          15303296
Saggi the Dark Clown                66602787
Sangan                              26202165
Serpent Night Dragon                66516792 
Shadow Specter                      40575313
Skull Servant                       32274490
Summoned Skull                      70781052
Swamp Battleguard                   40453765
Sword Arm Of Dragon                 13069066
The Snake Hair                      29491031
The Wicked Worm Below               06285791
Time Wizard                         71625222
Torike                              80813021
Tri-Horned Dragon                   39111158 
Two-headed King Reaper              94119974
Tyhone                              72842870
Winged Dragon                       87796900
Winged Dragon #2                    57405307 
Wolf                                49417509
Zombie Warrior                      31339260