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Get rare cards
Play in campain until you reach Shadi.Defeat Shadi and she will probably give you a rare card.Also if you defeat Bandit Kieth,he will probably give an EXODIA part.I got his right arm.Go to free duel and duel Shadi and Kieth to get rare cards.

3D Battle Arena
Press X on one of your monsters, then press Square instead of using X to attack again.

Passing the Labyrinth
After you win, go Right, Right, Left, Right.

Super Rare Card
To get the super rare card get 9,999 star chips and then type in at the password mode 89631139 and then press exchange.

Passing The Labyrinth
After you win a Labyrinth it will ask you which way to go . You should go right, right, left, right. Then Seto and Hieshin appears. You will have to duel Seto.( Warning you have to beat two High Mages)

Get good cards!
NEED 2 MEMORY CARDS!!! if you need better cards, just put in the memory card that doesnt have the game you want to save on it. go to new game and put in a name (differant names gets you differant cards) when it says to, then save. put the memory card with the game on it that you want to keep in slot 1, and put the one you just saved on, in slot 2. now go to main menu, then go to trade, and load. trade weak cards from memory card 1, to memory card 2 and get whatever cards you want that memory card 2 has!!! (i got 2 Reagekais, it destroys all of your opponents monsters!!!)

Hint: 3D Battle Arena:
To get to the 3D Battle Arena, press X on one of your monsters, then press Square instead of using X to attack again.

Hint: Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon at full power:
Use three Dragon Treasures, one Mountain, three Megamorps and one Bright Castle and its Attack power will be 9999

Hint: Summoned Skull power-ups:
The following things can be used to power up the Summoned Skull card.

Sword of Dark Destruction
Malevolent Nuzzler
Black Pendant
Bright Castle
Horn of the Unicorn
Dark Energy
Kunai with chain
Black Pendant
Sword of Dark Destruction

Hint: Duplicating cards:
Three memory cards are required for this trick. One can be a PlayStation2 memory card if needed. Refer to the memory cards as A, B, and C. Insert memory cards A and C. Memory card A should have the cards you want to duplicate. Copy the Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories saved game file to memory card C. Start a game and insert memory card B. This memory card be should also have a game in it with a different I.D. Trade the cards that you want from memory card A to memory card B, then reset the game. Return to the PlayStation memory manager and copy the saved game file from memory card C and put it back in memory card A. Memory card A should now have your old file with all the cards that you traded to memory card B. Next, go to trade and put all the cards you traded to memory card B into memory card A. If done correctly, you should have doubled the cards that you wanted.

The following trick gives you extra cards for free without dueling or using starchips. You need two memory cards. Refer to the memory cards as A and B. Memory card A must have a save file on it. Insert memory card B into memory card slot one and start a new game. Save that game to memory card B, then reset the game. Go to the build deck menu and take all the cards you want out of your deck and exit the menu. Save your game and reset the PlayStation. Insert memory card A into memory card slot two. Go into the trade menu and select all the cards (or as many as you can) from memory card B and press Square on controllers one and two. A menu will appear. Press X to select "Trade", then "Yes". You will now have all the cards from memory card B (that you traded) in memory card A.